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May 11

When Hypos Aren’t The Only ‘Low’s’

I read somewhere the other day that 1 in 3 people with diabetes suffer with depression as a result of the condition, and that quite often the symptoms are misdiagnosed as just ‘being part of diabetes’.

My heart broke at the last part when I think of how many people this actually affects. There are estimated to be around 3.6 million people living with Type 2 diabetes and 400,000 with Type 1 in the UK alone. That means that there are over 1.3 million people suffering from mental...

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Apr 23

Diabetes and mindset....

Vanessa here! Hope everyone had a great Easter, and yes I and Georgia both had an Easter egg on the day (or two!), as we all deserve a treat, even us diabetics! So today I have been battling a couple of high blood glucose readings (humph!) for no apparent reason. Now, unfortunately this is the case for all of us diabetics…… we will always have periods of unwanted highs, lows and readings resembling rollercoaster rides! This could be due to a number of reasons based on my...

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Apr 4

Diabetes and gut health.....important, yet ignored....

Vanessa here! 

  So yesterday I had my six monthly diabetic appointment with my nurse and diabetic specialist, which went incredibly well! In fact, I was literally in her office for 60 seconds! The conversation was:

Doctor: "Hba1c is perfect, thyroid is perfect, liver function and urine tests are good, what's your secret?"

Me: "I live a healthy lifestyle, eat well, train and partcipate in regular physical activity"

Doctor: "Well whatever it is doing keep it up! Do you have...

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